How to set up OptiX in ubuntu18.04 with 2080ti?

I am new to OptiX and when I am trying to build the advanced examples with ccmake , I am getting the following error.

CMake Error at CMake/FindOptiX.cmake:117 (message):
   OptiX library not found.  Please set <b>OptiX_INSTALL_DIR</b> to locate it
 Call Stack (most recent call first):
   CMake/FindOptiX.cmake:126 (OptiX_report_error)
   CMakeLists.txt:203 (find_package)

Github Link for the advanced samples :

OS version: ubuntu 18.04
GPU: RTX 2080 Ti

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Did you follow the requirements and build instructions inside INSTALL-LINUX.txt as said in the on that page?

Yes. I have generated the makefile but it is throwing an error after $make.Looks like it doesnt support later versions of gcc(from gcc 7).

Shall I have to downgrade gcc , if so, how? so that I may change between versions whenever needed.