Unable to compile

Hello everybody, I am having a hard time setting up Optix and making it compile.
I downloaded the latest version of CMake and after clicking generate for the SDk (top folder as stated in the readme) examples I get the error: CGGL library not found. If I ignore it and continue generating the files, I try to build with VS10 and the build fails (i get 44 fails).
I am using CUDA 5.0 (I have also 6.0 installed but I selected the 5.0 version in the build customization) and I installed Optix 3.5. I am not very practical with libraries and files and I wanted to just straightforward compile one of the examples and modify t and play around with it.
One last question, after I set VS (if someone helps me) will I be able to compile directly or will I always have to use CMake?

PS: I am using Windows 7, Visual Studio 13 (but chose VS10 toolkit for building), generated CMake using VS12 Win64, Cmake version is

Optix 3.5 need Cuda 5.5.
I compiled the samples with latest cmake, Cuda 6 and VS 12012 no problems!
Also on Win7 64.

Still says that I am missing CGGL library

I solved the problem by installing the cg toolkit and linking it to cmake