How to set up USB Wifi Adaptor RealTek RTL8111/8168/8411 on Nano

I have just purchased a Wifi USB adapter but I can’t seem to find a comprehensive guide for me to install it on my nano. I’ve been working with an ethernet cable for quite some time but wanted to switch to wifi. The device that I’ve purchased was a low cost one called “Dual Band USB Adapter”. When I plug the device in, it has “Ethernet Network (Realtek 8111/8168/8411 (+ other details of the device))” displayed under the wifi icon on the taskbar. However, I am unable to click into it unlike the “Wired Connection 1” option.

When I connect the USB adapter, there is supposed to be a blue flashing light but it’s not showing when it is plugged into my Nano. It shows when I plug it into my windows laptop. I’ve been looking for installation guides but they are either for other brands or for RTL8812A.

Found these 2 repositories (Repo 1, Repo 2) but I’m not comfortable with installing things that I have little understanding of. Please help!

please share kernel log after plugging USB dongle.

My guess is driver is missing for your device.
try to find supporting drive on vendor portal for your device model.

Hi, currently nothing pops up after inserting the USB dongle. You’re right, I believe the driver is missing. I’ll try to fix that first and let you know how it goes. Thank you.

pls also share with commend: