How to set vertical resolution?


I’m running a Windows 10 ent 1909 VM on a ESX 6.7 host. The Host has a TESLA T4 board with the latest drivers installed on host and VM (11.1). The Grid_t4-2b profile is attached to the VM.

I have 2 types of VM’s and both are used with a VNC session.

Type 1 = VM with 2 displays / both landscape mode
Type 2 = VM with 1 display but Portrait mode

Type 1 is working fine. I attached the second display with the fakeEDID powershell script via nvwmi. The script creates all the time 4 displays, but I then disable the 2 displays via nvidia control panel.

My problem is the type 2 VM. I tried like everything in my opinion but no Portrait mode resolutions. Is there a way to fix this? I know this can be done with RDP, Horizon etc. But VNC for this type of VMs is the only option because of screen sharing.

Please Help!