How to specify C/C++ preprocessor directives on visual studio?


I’m trying to use some preprocessor directives on visual studio, but it looks like visual studio is not getting them…
So I have, for example

#if TESTING == 1
void foo();

void foo(){

int main(){

  return 0;

Then on “Project > Properties > CUDA C/C++ > Host > Preprocessor Definitios” I specify “TESTING=1”.
I also have activated the “Use Host Preprocessor Definitions” with “Yes” value.

So, I go to “Project > Properties > CUDA C/C++ > Command Line” and I can see the “-DTESTING=1” there.

But when I try to compile, the compilation fails as “identifier foo is undefined”.

I tried to put the “-DTESTING=1” directly under “Additional options” but didn’t work either.

Does anyone knows what’s wrong? If I do the same with plain C it’s working as expected…


Ok, I just found the thing and it’s a bit weird.
If I compile while standing on the source file that has the main() function, it gets the preprocessor; if I do the same while any other source is showing, it does not work.

So I only have to ensure to stay on the “right” source file while compiling…

Hope this can help anyone that have simillar issues.

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