How to support camera HDR mode on NX platform?

Does the NX support HDR mode for cameras?
If yes, how do I configure it?

hello blstcvLiu,

may I know which type of HDR modes you would like to achieve?
as you can see, currently NX’s reference driver (IMX219 or IMX477) doesn’t contain the drivers with HDR modes.

hello JerryChange,
I want to achieve the HDR mode of IMX586 now.

hello blstcvLiu,

since Xavier NX were sharing the ISP with Jetson AGX Xavier, you could also refer to CSI and USB Camera Features, there’re two HDR types supported, i.e. DOL-WDR and PWL-WDR.
however, IMX586 isn’t the reference camera sensor, please contact with Jetson Camera Partners for further supports.

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