How to test flow matching performance properly

Hi everyone,

I am wondering if there is a way to test flow matching performance properly. Should I create 1k flow matching rules, or generate 1k traffic to test performance? How to measure properly? Is there any application or tool to use?

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Hi Kyle,

Could you please clarify what is flow matching rules?

  • What rules?
  • How do you apply them?
  • What do you expect?


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Rules like how many millions of ip-tuples could be matched on accurately on a BlueField-2.
I would like to measure:

  1. how many rules was supported (could be inserted) at most
  2. how many pipes could be built at most
  3. what is the matching accuracy, when inserting maximum rules and sending maximum flows at top 100GE speed.

I have not found any official specifications respecting to the doca flow performance about above measurements.

Thanks for the reply.

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