How to turn off the Jetson TK1 board using the software way after porting Jedroid?

Hi, guys.

I have ported the Jedroid v2.1 os to the Nvidia TK1 board and everything seems cool (thx to lucasdai’s selfishless sharings). I have come across the problem that there seems no software way to turn of the dedroid emulator except plugging out the power cable or pressing the reset button on the board. I have tried some asserted android pre-set virtual keys (e.g. F7 for the power key) ending up fruitless. Anyone figures out this now?

Thanks in advance!

I think I have figured it out myself.

Pressing the power button in the board for a couple of seconds and the shutdown option panel will show up. Once the system gets into the screen-lock state, however, no way but to plug out the power cable can shut down the system.