How to upgrade bootloader (QSPI-NOR) from booted OS

Hello guys,

currently I am using manual way to upgrade QSPI-NOR with bootloader, by switching Jetson Nano devkit to FC recovery and via microUSB, applying sudo ./ jetson-nano-qspi sda1

But for remote usage, how to upgrade QSPI-NOR with bootloader from booted OS (l4t) on Jetson Nano itself?

I know that jetpack on sd card is doing that during first init (especialy when migrating to new partition layout in r32.5 making usb boot possible)…, but in my use case I have my own rootfs

Thanks in advance

PS : i am booting from USB flash drive (sda1) on jetson-nano-devkit

Actually, there is no “production usage” for jetson nano sdcard module.

This product is not for you to do the production. It is only for devkit. We don’t sell jetson nano sdcard module alone.

If you want to do the production, you need to use emmc based module.
And on emmc based module, there is no QSPI-NOR on it so the original question here won’t happen.

Yeah, you are totally right, there is no “production” usage because its devkit, but we do use them for dev/test purposes which is my case, so i rephrased it to “remote” usage.

What my original question was - how to update bootloader from within Jetson Nano OS, which in our case is custom rootfs + BSP from nvidia.

And answer was very simple, and i found it here

We can generate bootloader update payload (BUP) with our custom u-boot (support booting from second usb drive)

and from within Jetson Nano OS use

sudo l4t_payload_updater_t210

which is part of nvidia-l4t-bootloader debian package (part of BSP from nvidia)

so posting it here to anyone who will search for answer.