How to use a script to import a datasmith file and export it into a usd file


I am currently working on a project where I need to automate the importation of Datasmith files into Unreal Engine 5, and subsequently export these imported assets into USD format using the UE Connector. However, I am encountering difficulties as I cannot find specific instructions on how to appropriately call the necessary Python APIs for these tasks in the official documentation.

Could anyone please guide me on how to properly use these APIs or point me to the relevant sections of the documentation where these API calls are explained?

Thank you very much for your assistance!

@3192162843 i am just another OV (and UE) user, and sounds like you have an interesting use case. have you already checked out the export commandlet from the docs?

Install the Connector — Omniverse Connect latest documentation (

out of curiosity, do you plan to make adjustments to the DS files in UE before pushing it out as USD? the reason why i am asking is to possibly explore the idea of exporting the content out directly to USD using DCC-specific connector first before bringing it into UE. this is just me thinking out loud and not to suggest there’s a right or wrong way. and since i don’t know the pipeline specific to your project, i am tossing ideas out because not all OV connectors have their APIs out in the public.

@Simplychenable Thank you very much for your prompt response. I appreciate your suggestion to use the export commandlet ; however, it unfortunately did not fulfill my requirements. Specifically, I am attempting to convert MAX files to USD files. I have encountered issues with the 3ds Max connector, which frequently results in errors related to lighting or materials. Additionally, after updating to the latest version of the 3ds Max connector (202.0), I’ve experienced crashes and instabilities in 3ds Max. Consequently, I have considered using Unreal Engine as an intermediary step. Could you possibly provide any advice or alternative methods that might assist in this conversion process? Your expertise would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to your guidance.

Hi, Can you tell more details or upload your 3DS Max samples? What is the error with lighting and materials? We will fix them.

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i’ll defer to @juma to assist with anything related to the max connector. as another max user, it’ll be a long term benefit for the platform and other max users to address any potential bugs.

the max connector is probably the most efficient way to export USD regardless if the end goal is to get the data into OV or other USD compliant DCCs. i haven’t done any large projects as of late to experience any instability but not to say there aren’t any. personally, i generally prefer keeping the content of the USD from max as straightforward and not rely too much on complex shaders to avoid any conflicts/incompatibility (reading the changelog would inform you what’s supported and what’s not for each version release); so, i tend to spend more time in OV as opposed to doing everything inside max and hope everything translates 100%. that’s purely my own preference, though. at the end of the day, i am sure the dev team would also want to make all connectors as polished as they can regardless of circumstances, so any reports of crashing will help. regarding the workflow of Max > Datasmith > UE > USD, it does seem rather time consuming and prone to further discrepancies, so i can see why you’d want to automate that process. but let’s see what the devs/mods can do on their end first. in the meantime, i can look into that specific workflow and see whether there are ways to streamline it; will report back if i find anything.

i’d try to be as specific in your max configuration (versions, any miscellaneous plugins used, etc) and steps in reproducing the crash. or as mentioned, send juma a DM with the file attached for them to troubleshoot (if applicable). it may come down to something basic that’s the root of the problem.

Thank you for your response. I have sent a DM with the file attached to juma @juma and am eagerly awaiting your assistance.

Thank you! I replied you in email.