How to use hw encoder in drive Orin

I installed ffmpeg & gstreamer, however, both failed said some lib/components can not be found. Can someone tell me where shall I find the reference for using the hw encoder?

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I just checked the profile of " zhuzxy1" and it’s still the same

@kayccc I switched wrong accounts.
I have tried follow ffmpeg install instructions for hw encoding. But failed and was told ffmpeg is not supported on Orin platform. I have followed gstreamer instructions and got some error said nvvidconv issues. And was told it is not for driverOS.
Can you tell how to do hw encoding on driveOS? which apps can I use or which documents shall I follow?


Hi zxy,

By checking with internal team, you should be able to get the support via NVbugs.
Please discuss with your team to know how to work on it.
I’m closing ticket.


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