How to use Leopard Imaging (AR0821C-GMSL2) Camera on Jetson Nano or Orin NX

Hello, I have been trying to install the AR0821C-GMSL2 camera module from Leopard Imaging on my Jetson Nano and I am so far failing. I am getting green output even i have the L4T R32.6.1 (Jetpack 4.6) installed to my jetson. Is there an up-to-date, step by step guide on how to do it?

hello yussuf.shakhin,

had you contact with sensor vendor for the instructions?

Which adapter board are you using to connect the AR0821C-GMSL2 to Jetson Nano? Is it Jetson Nano Development kit or a customized Nano carrier board ?
Could you take a picture about the entire camera kit if possible?
We don’t have Jetson Nano driver for AR0821C-GMSL2 yet, but we can provide the driver source code of other Jetson platform’s (e.g. Jetson AGX Xavier) for your reference.
We can also provide custom driver services to build the driver for Jetson Nano if needed.

I am using Jetson Nano Development kit and here is the picture that you asked. I bought this camera kit and connecting it to jetson via usb as you can see in the picture. I have Jetson Orin Nx 16gb, is drivers available for it? If no, then custom drivers for both nano and orin nx would be great.

I see. You are using the USB3.0 tester instead of connecting Jetson Nano through Deserailizer + MIPI interface.
As I know, the image data from USB camera cannot work with Jetson ISP directly. (@JerryChang Please correct me if I am wrong).

This USB camera outputs RAW data encapsulated in YUY2 format. Since UVC standard has no RAW image format, we use YUY2 as the wrapper. In regular video software, it doesn’t know this is RAW, and it interprets it as YUY2. That is why you see green image.
Our camera tool can convert the Raw to RGB image.
You can try below Linux camera tool.

For how to install it, please refer to the in below link. (the latest version of Linux camera tool may have an issue, so please use above Linux camera tool)

If you would like to use Jetson ISP for better image quality, you may need to use the MIPI interface instead of USB3.0 tester.

We have below Jetson Nano and Orin Nano carrier board and Deserializer adapter board for GMSL2 cameras.
Jetson Nano carrier board:
LI-NANO-CB - Leopard Imaging Inc.

Jetson Orin Nano carrier board:
LI-ONO-CB-4CAM-FP - Leopard Imaging Inc.

Deserializer adapter and a cable which can connect AR0821C-GMSL2 to above boards.
LI-GMSL2-IPX-DESER - Leopard Imaging Inc.
FAW-1233-03 - Leopard Imaging Inc.

We can provide the custom driver service for these conbinations. Please contact if you would like to have this service.

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