How to use NVAPI

My project is very simple one to all of you. I have 2x2 set with NVS510. Upper two displays are flipped and the lower two are landscape position. I am intending to make one big screen using mosaic. But the mosaic can only handle landscape position displays.

Here, I checked Nvidia page and got to the point of downloading NVAPI to use NV_Rotate command in NVAPI.h.

My question is

  1. where am I supposed put Nvapi.h file

  2. what path to specify

  3. do I have to compile/

My OS is WIN7 pro 64 display resolution is 1920x1080

thank you for reading


I reached out to one of our engineers about your questions. The only way to support what you are asking for is via Warp & Blend API (which is part of NVAPI). Sample code/project files can be found here:

Also, note that you can point your project files to wherever you have put the NVAPI files. It doesn’t need to be “installed”.

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Hi TomK,
Thank you for your reply. To tell the truth, there were some other users who had the same problem that I had and someone commented the same answer!!
This was how I got to NVAPI.
If you read through Warp and Blend page and kindly go through download process, I am sure you will see what I am trying to convey to you.
you are provided with download file, which is actually NVAPI files. with some samples. Before I ask my question on this page,
I have read through pretty much all the NVIDIA mosaic and display pages, including funky display introducing how to write coordinates and how to rotate. I have spent many hours reading web pages without any new valuable findings.

I have read your advised page and downloaded files, I got that. But the biggest problem to me is " how to put my NVAPI.h file so that my setting is interpreted".
Could you possibly show me a little bit more example. please.

I am not a computer specialist but I have at least enough graduate education in science from U.S. appropriate university. So I cannot help evaluating Nvidia web page very user “Unfriendly.”

Help me someone