How to use remote rendering service in my connector?

We are an ISV from China. Now we have written an Omniverse-connector that syncs the 3D-representation of the configured product to an Omniverse-stage. Our software is implemented by C++.

Firstly, We have aleady conveted our model & scene into USD, and transfered to Omniverse.
Next step as I see, we’d embed “realtime streaming rendering” into our own software.
So my question are :
Is there any C++SDK we can use in our connector?
Is there any extension or micro service like “live-streamining rendering” in Omniverse kit?
How to connect and fetch rendering screen from kit server?
As I know, there is a app or sth. called “Kit Remote”. But I cann’t see it in lancher. Maybe I should wait for the new version. By the way, my Omniverse Launcher version is 1.1.4. Is there any suggestions or instructions?


Hi @sunzhongwei! I hope this information will help: Architecture — Omniverse Kit 100.2 documentation

Here is a list of our available Extensions: Extensions Overview — Omniverse Extensions documentation

Yes, we have the Omniverse Client Library which allows a Connector to access Omniverse Nucleus servers. This is distributed with the Connect Sample from the Omniverse Launcher. Once you install it, just run the build.bat command to fetch the Client Library.

Note, we will be updating this very soon to a version that better corresponds with the latest release of Create and other Omniverse applications (including python 3.7 support).