Can you render a frame and save it as an image, from a custom C++ connector?

I’m writing a custom C++ connector for Omniverse, and I’m wondering if I can schedule a frame render for the current scene, from the C++ code, and then read the output there? Can I get some simple example snippet of code that can get me started?


In order to render the USD Scene you need full access to the RTX rendering and Kit, this is best done outside of your Connector anyway.

the path we recommand and support right now is to leverage the Kit Micro-services setup to send those rendering request to a running kit that is able to render the same an same same.

for the next release of Create we will provide a set of extension that make that simpler but it is already possible wihtout much work to do today.

Can you describe what Connector you are writting ? that might help giving you the best path forward


The connector I’m writing will listen to rendering requests on a WebSocket, which are send from a web app in which the camera and some other properties are setup. Connector is supposed to relay whatever changed in the scene to Omniverse, which then renders a frame, sends it back to the connector, and the connector sends it back to the web app to be displayed.

If you are suggesting to use Kit here, it would be nice to get some directions for documentation or something similar, all I can find is the documentation for python-based UI for kit.

Hi @jakubwardyn Here is the documentation we have on scripting in kit: Kit Programming Manual — Omniverse Kit 100.2 documentation