Multiple Views of Scene with Different Shading Modes

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I’m interested in creating an Omniverse Extension (eventually I may even try to make it as an App for a cleaner launch) where the user can see both a standard render of a scene and a render based on some imported data. To give a specific example, I might want to render a building both as a standard, photorealistic image and as a temperature-based image to identify zones of high and low heat, where both are being rendered interactively side-by-side in one or multiple viewports. I can think of a hacky way involving geometry duplication, but I’d really like to avoid that if possible. I don’t even know where to start with this, so any advice would be much appreciated.


Hi @jlw387. That sounds really cool!

You can create multiple viewports. Each viewport could use a different camera and renderer. We haven’t released the C++ SDK yet, but once we do, you could perhaps write your our Hydra Render Delegate for the temperature-based render. Alternatively, I know emissive materials were suggested in the other topic. Maybe you could have the real-time renderer use temperature-based materials and the pathtracing or iray renderers use the PBR materials.

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