How to use the Cellular Module


I want to connect a cellular module to AGX Xavier with a UART interface.
And I’m thinking of using fluentd to upload my data to the cloud.

Jetson has multiple network interfaces such as Ethernet and Wi-Fi.
How do you enable a cellular module with a UART interface?

I think it’s a strange question.
Can anyone advise me?

Never used that before, and it is custom to whatever device, but generally speaking you need to make sure the UART voltage level is correct for the device. On the dev kits the header pins for UARTs use the 3.3V “TTL” logic level.

Then, if speed exceeds 115200, you should verify the hardware supports two stop bits (higher speeds need two stop bits).

Thank you for your advice.

How does Jetson AGX communicate with the cloud via the cellular module connected to the UART interface?

When I did the same thing with Wi-Fi and wired LUN, I was able to communicate with Clyde without any particular awareness.

In the case of a cellular module via UART, it is generally operated by AT command. I can issue this AT command, but I can’t understand the connection of the OS part of Jetson AGX.

I have no knowledge of your particular cellular device. It isn’t unusual to use a UART for configuration, but data with some other type of data pipe. One example would be that the modem is set up with serial UART, but creates a network device visible from “ifconfig” or “iwconfig” (which would then imply any device told to use that network address would talk through the modem).

The AT command set is very old, and is used on a number of modems for their setup. Older modems would also use that same serial interface for data, but most of these were 56kbps or slower. Newer generation cellular modems can probably exceed that by quite a bit, and would use the AT commands to set up for creation of the “ifconfig” (or “iwconfig”) device; the end program using this would have to have network capability.

What it comes down to is there there must be a driver for the modem. Sometimes there will be two drivers: One for the actual modem, and the other for the UART talking to the modem. Third party software would be used once the UART and any other driver is in place. I have no possibility of being able to help with the actual modem, this is a per manufacturer thing, and I have no experience with this modem.

If you need information installing drivers (and can name the driver), then that is easy to help with. If you need information on how to do network programming when your modem produces a working network device, then this too is fairly simple. It’s the details of the particular modem which are specialized and difficult to help with.

Thank you for your advice!!
I use HUAWEI MS2372h-607.
This is a USB modem.
Is NetworkManager already built on Jetson AGX?

NetworkManager is present by default on the Jetson installs. Many Jetsons have a built in WiFi, and thus wireless is usually expected. There may be other setup for your particular case, but basics are probably in place. I could not tell you what extras are needed for that particular modem.

I appreciate your advice.