How two swap on lane_polarity csi0 and cs1 for 4lane mode camera

Hi, nvidia team
I’m want to bring up 4lane mode camera on Nvidia JETSON ORIN NANO Developoer kit.
The problem is :
In port cam1 camera bring-up is ok, but in cam0 camre bring-up failure.
In schematic, cam0 port and cam1 port csix is reversed.
for 4lane mode camera need swap:
CSI0_D0 → CSI1_D0
CSI0_D1 → CSI1_D1
How to config lane_polarity for this case?

SDK Verion:Jecpack 5.1.1

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Set the lane_polarity=6
Have a check the device tree of IMX477 for much detail information.


hi, ShaneCCC
imx477 work in x2 mode ,
There is a note in Jetson_Orin_Nano_DevKit_Carrier_Board_Reference_Design_Files_A04_20230320 schematics:
x4 camera support in current software only works with the lower clock lane of the x4 clock interface.
This means that CSI0_CLK or CSI2_CLK are supported for x4 configurations, but not CSI1_CLK or CSI3_CLK.
Since J20 has CSI1_CLK, only a x2 camera interface is supported.
J21 which uses CSI2_CLK can support both x2 or x4 camera interfaces.

Will this problem still exist in latest hardware version?


Looks like only CAM1 able support 4 lane configure.

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