How / when to upgrade PCIe Switch and eSATA Controller (-> upgrade to Drive OS 10)

Dear all,

I try to upgrade our Drive AGX system from the existing 9 to 10. In your guide: it is mentioned that I need to ugrade (or check) the PCIe switch and eSATAT controller firmware. I feel a bit lost here, and so I thought I better ask before I break something…

Thank you a lot

Hi Dominik_M,

According to “Flashing AURIX on Xavier” section in the doc, “If the AURIX Main firmware version requires updating, the AURIX update command runs automatically and updates the firmware to the latest version.”.

For the PCIe switch and eSATAT controller firmware, you can upgrade them afterwards and just need to do on Xavier A or B. Thanks!

Hi VickNV,

I (hope) that I upgradet to version 10 correctly using the SDK manager but now I’m bit stuck at the PCIe switch and eSATA controller upgrades.

Some other question related to that: Do I need to set the Hardware-Switch on our AGX into “Prog” mode for flashing the system using the sdk manager or afterwards the firmware(s)?

I’m no confused which of the two guides I have to follow to flash the firmware:

Or do I have to follow both after eacht other? Because I have absolutley now clue how to access the “PCIe console” as stated in the first guide (“From a PCIe switch console, execute the command:
version”), and so my ideas intepretation is that I can follow the second mentioned guide directly on the linux running on Xavier A.

For the eSATA I need to have an HDD/SDD drive attached to it to have the controller present?
Because “lspci | grep RAID” returns nothing (or would that be only the cafes after I upgrade PCIe switch firmware?).

Thank you!

I’m not aware of any “Prog” mode. I remember following the docs can complete the flashing.

You can follow either one for the flashing. One is done via the host system (I haven’t tried) and the other is done via the target system. So yes, you can just follow the send guide on Xavier A.

You need to follow the guide on Xavier-B (eSATA is only connected to B). Thanks!