Hp Slate Extreme 7

So have had this tablet for quite some time, Took a OTA update and as others have stated, It bricked my tablet and now im in APX mode. Have tried the advent nvflash tools and it fails. It gets as far as displaying the chip uid and thats it, just sits there have left it for hours and nothing happens. As i understand this tablet is a tegra note 7 like many other which i verified by taking it apart and checked the chipset inside of it. Have been in contact with alot of people now trying to get this fixed. My tablet is 2 months out of warranty but i personally dont think that matters if i took a OTA update and it bricked it, how is that my fault?

Sorry for ranting This all that happens when i try to run the advent program
“Nvflash 3.09.1700 started
Using blob 3.09.1700
chip uid from BR is: 0x600000015c4110c62400000009ff0540”

I am willing to try whatever is necessary to get this fixed. I use this for my work and i have to have it functioning. I would just go buy a new tablet but at this time i cannot afford to go and buy a new one.

Also i am stuck in APX mode not bootloader mode. I have only two options off, and APX mode. Is there perhaps a way to manually just flash the bootloader and fastboot then can reflash the firmware from recovery or fastboot. Any ideas are welcome and i will try them. Have been in contact with Nvidia also they sent me links to download the firmware but do not how to do anything in APX mode which i find that very hard to believe and was directed here for help as the Nvidia techs cannot help with this in APX mode. Thank You all for the help in advance. I look forward to trying anything i can to get this functioning. It is a learning experience for sure so far. Thanks again

Hi, I’ve recently come across the same issue with the HP Slate 7 Extreme. I have all the files needed but nvflash doesn’t seem to do anything. Did you ever fix yours