NVflash hang issue

Hi, I bricked my Tegra Note 7 device by installing the 4.3 OTA without installing the blob file to staging partition, this has left my device bricked as the touchscreen does not work when booted into android 4.3. I’ve looked into the NVflash linux tool, and have issued the command. The NVflash tool does not work, it always reads the uid and hangs when attempting to read RCMVER. Is there a tegra 4 nvflash tool?? thanks

Hi Shaky. The nvflash executables are available when installing the Tegra Android Development Pack when you choose custom install and later pick various development board projects to add. You can rip the files out of those project folders, for say Pluto, or Dalmore, etc.

I’ve also had trouble with nvflash. I definitely need time to research the requirements to use nvflash. One task is finding documentation.

It’s kind of ridiculous that we own these tablets yet can’t get access the core recovery to repair them.

Btw both Linux, Apple, and Windows are supported.

Can we get a reply on this! NVFLASH is not communicating with the Tegra Note.

Is current NVFLASH incompatible or some new method is needed?

NVFLASH = ver 3.08.1700

Putting nvflash (linux version) trough a disassembler there are references to the 11x series chips. It’s another matter if the communications/logistics is suffice for the Tegra Note without going into a lot of work deciphering the code.

Any luck with nvflash on tegra 4?

How can I make the device enter into APX mode ?

What command to use to communicate with the device when run nvflash?


Thanks for support im here for try something else you want i had to try.