Nvidia can I get some help please.

Whilst tinkering with my Tegra Note 7 (TN7) to learn about developing I saved one of the configuration files on the device with a typo. The unit now will not completely boot. It must be failing on driver initiation. The problem is the boot doesn’t get to a stage to enable the ADB service, and considering my TN7 was early release with a plain jane boot partition without any button sequence to strap into recovery, I’m stuck with a software bricked Tegra Note 7. Now one would think I could get nvflash and format the APP/system partition and force the unit to boot into recovery, but no, nvflash simply does not want to act correctly with the Tegra Note 7.

Can a Nvidia software technician make a utility to force a device into recovery mode by means of nvflash apx mode, or release a proper working nvflash executable, or tell us what is going wrong?

I’ve tried various combinations, like using partition numbers instead of ‘APP’ descriptor, and various boot.img.

$ sudo nvflash --format_partition APP --bl boot.img --go
[sudo] password for default: 
Nvflash 3.08.1700 started
chip uid from BR is: 0x600000015c4192010c0000000ffe0400

Nothing happens. I pull the usb and;

^[[A^[[Busb read error (108): Cannot send after transport endpoint shutdown
miniloader download failed (response read failed)
rcm version 0X0

$300 software bricked Nvidia Tegra Note 7 sitting here for a month, and currently ZERO help from NVidia.

EDIT: The problems I experience were due to an early model tegra note which had a basic bootloader with no fastboot support or was a factor reject, considering I had other manufacturing problems.

With a proper bootloader it should be near impossible to brick a device, irrespective of APX/NVflash being a lower level repair mechanism, so my plight may have been specialised.

I would like to inform viewers that NVidia made good my problems, so much so that I am now a devoted Nvidia customer, Yes that means I will only buy Nvidia products. That’s a turn around hey!

I have similar problem as below. Do you mind teach how to solve this problem. Thanks a lot

Nvflash 3.09.1700 started
chip uid from BR is: 0x600000015c3e1040240000000d038640
miniloader download failed (response read failed)
rcm version 0X0