Hypervisor support for Jetson Tx2 4.4.38 kernel

Hi Nvidia Team,

I am using Nvidia Jetson Tx2 L4T 28.1 to bring up one of the third party open source of hyper-visor (jailhouse) able to load the jailhouse module. Initially all cpu’s are assigned to root OS and while we create guest OS jailhouse the hypervisor module take one of the CPU to offline.

But the nvidia kernel stuck and not bringing down the CPU offline. I compared with other higher version of kernel where we able to make the cpu offline. I found that the IPI_WAKEUP in arm64/smp.c and hype-rvisor assembly code was missing nvidia kernel compared to the working kernel of hyper-visor.

Do we have any patches available to apply tegra kernel to make hyper-visor functionality to work? Please suggest any alternate method to bring hyper-visor.

Thanks in advance.

Muneeswaran R

Hi muneeswaranr,

We do not currently support a hypervisor on Jetson DevKit, and not familiar with those options/method to bring up hypervisor.