Nvidia Jetson AGX Orin VM in hypervisor mode

In the NVIDIA Jetson Linux 35.3.1 Driver Package (BSP) source code, there is a device tree file named “tegra234-soc-virt.dsti” in which it informs to the Linux kernel that the VM is running under an hypervisor:

	/* Property to be used by VM to determine if it is
	 * running as VM under Hypervisor */
	chosen {

Could you please provide me an example where you are using this device tree file? Which hypervisor are you using and which configuration?

I am trying to run a VM with Qemu/KVM, and I have configured the device tree of this VM with “nvidia,tegra-hypervisor-mode;” but, the hypercalls (hvc) always return me a -1.


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The setting is for DRIVE platforms. We don’t support hypervisor mode on Jetson platforms.

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