"I cannot access to work with the operating system of my Jetson Orin AGX Developer Kit 64GB

I cannot access to work with the operating system of my Jetson Orin AGX Developer Kit 64GB, since I deleted the nvidia folder within the operating system, I restarted it and since then I cannot access the operating system, I have placed my Jetson in Recovery Mode and used the Sdkmanager at the same time to be able to flash my Jetson but it gives me the following error ‘The Jetson target is in a bad state and cannot be flashed’, I also tried to do the flash through ‘flash.sh’ and I couldn’t either, what can I do to solve this?

There is nothing called Jetson Nano AGX.
Please confirm if you are talking about Orin AGX…

Yes, sorry, I’m talking about the Jetson Orin AGX Developer Kit 64GB.

Is this your first time using sdkmanager/flash.sh +recovery mode to flash this board?

Yes, it is.

Is your host machine a VM?

Yes, it’s a VM.

Your VM is not configured correctly. USB disconnects and reconnects during flash, and a real computer would pick that up, but the VM is losing the reconnect. The Jetson and the flash software have no way to know or understand they are in a VM, so there is nothing that can be done from the NVIDIA side to solve that. You’d have to either (A) use an actual Linux host PC (recommended for sanity), or (B) research the VM to know how to always route the USB to the Jetson regardless of disconnect and reconnect events without losing the USB.

This may or may not apply to your case, but if you do choose to continue the VM route, then understand that you need significant disk space for flashing, and that disk space must be ext4 type. If you simply use NTFS or any other non-Linux filesystem, then flash will succeed, but the Jetson will not operate correctly (Windows filesystem types do not understand Linux filesystem permissions).