Jetson AGX Orin can't boot anymore after upgrade (Please help)

I have a Jetson AGX orin which I try to upgrade with apt-get dist-upgrade. then After I restart, It shows can’t found \boot\Image and can’t found \extlinux and etc.

What should I do with this? How can I access my data within inside and reset to factory settings and so on? It seems like very less information about Jetson AGX Orin without using the SD Card.

It shows the following screen then suddenly blackout. How can I fix this?

Hi cheesiangleow5284,

Are you using the devkit from NVIDIA or custom board?

If you are using the devkit, you could refer to the following instruction to re-flash the board with SDK Manager.
Install Jetson Software with SDK Manager :: NVIDIA SDK Manager Documentation

There’s internal eMMC in AGX Orin devkit, you could just flash the image on that.

Hi @KevinFFF I’m using a NVIDIA devkit, actually I was try to reflash it to the board. However, it seems like the SDK Manager can’t detect my board… Do you have any steps or instructions to make the SDK Manager to recognize the board? I have some data within the eMMC so I was thinking to flash to a USB first.

Are you using standalone Ubuntu18.04 or 20.04 as your host PC?

Please set your board into force recovery state (press recovery button before power it up) and show the result of lsusb on your host PC.
To Determine Whether the Developer Kit Is in Force Recovery Mode

Yes Im using Ubuntu 20.04LTS as my host.

I plug the Type C connector nearby the 40pins it doesn’t show anything, However I plug the micro usb b it shows NVIDIA Corp. Tegra On-Platform Operator.

But it doesn’t recognize by the SDK Manager.

How can I know the Jetson is in the state of Recovery mode?

The TypeC port nearby 40pins is used for flash the board.
The MicroUSB port is used for serial console log.

You should see a device listed in result of lsusb with 7023.

Please refer to the following steps to enter into force recovery state.

Step1. Disconnect any power for the board
Step2. Press the middle button (recovery button) and do not release
Step3. Connect DC adapter to power up
Step4. Release the middle button (recevoery button)
Step5. Use lsusb command to check

@KevinFFF Hello Kevin, I’m able to make the Jetson as recovery mode and start to flash the drive. However, The Flash Jetson Linux failed until half way and the recovery mode usb disconnected automatically. Is there any time limit or something for the recovery mode?

Please help to provide the flash log from host side for further check.
If you could start flashing from force recovery state, then it should be fine about this setting.

It seems like I’m not able to flash on a USB storage drive but NVME flash instead.

I’m able to reflash the OS on the SSD. Thank you.

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