Boot error after ubuntu upgrade


In the middle of the Ubuntu upgrade from 20.04 to 22.04 the power shut down and the device just restarted, now I’m getting this window when I try to power on the Jetson.
I tried to force recovery as mentioned here:

and nothing happened.
The device gets to the window of the booting and after that the window in the image.

Thak you.


What is your expectation from this “force recovery” ? I feel you misunderstood it…

After I try to “force recovery” nothing happened, only a black screen.

Yes, that is normal. “force recovery” is just to put the board into a state where you can use another x86 host machine +sdkmanager to reflash your jetson.

There is no such “click a button and everything is back to work” thing on jetson. Must go through the reflash process.

But when the window is just black my host computer does not recognize the USB.

Which usb port are you using on jetson?
Does your usb cable have data line but not only power line?
Is your host machine a VM?
How did you tell the device cannot be recognized?

These are all basic questions for newbie to check flash environment.

  • The USB port near the 40-pin.
  • The cable is the cable that I got with the jetson.
  • Yes, using VB.
  • When the Jetson is connected and on the screen that I just post, in my windows I can see the Jetson drive and the SDK manager in the VM recognize the Jetson, but when the board is on recovery mode with the black screen I can’t see the Jetson in the windows and in the VM.

please do not use VM. Try to use native host. VM is not stable in detecting recovery mode.

I don’t have Ubuntu native host available right now, do you have a different solution?

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