Installing Xen hypervisor on a Jetson TX2

I need to use the Xen hypervisor on Jetson TX2 machines. Has anyone done that?

Xen requires drivers for the following … does the default Linux OS plus added support by NVIDIA provide these drivers?

  • ARM GIC (Generic Interrupt Controller) ARM Generic Timers ARM SMMU (System Memory Management Unit) UART

Hi nickgarnett,

Don’t quite understand your questions but these drivers should be included in kernel.

@nickgarnett, may I ask why you’d like to do this on an SOC system? Sounds intriguing.

In answer to vickyy … I don’t have the Jetson devkits yet and I’m trying to get a jump on setting them up. I understand that the kernel probably includes the drivers I refer to, but I was hoping that someone knows specifically about each driver.

In answer to Skypuppy … we are building a distributed system based on using the TX2 as the compute node. Having VMs available makes work load distribution easier