Booting Xen on Tx2

My company’s product will be built using the Tx2. We will be running the Xen Type 1 hypervisor. I have successfully built Xen and the Xen Tools on the Tx2.

The next step is to boot Xen. If anyone has successfully booted Xen on a Tx2, I would like to discuss it with you.

I will also update this ticket with any information I gather.

I will be following the Xen project’s “Xen for ARM” HOWTOs on the subject.

Hi nickgarnett,

I am also trying to boot xen on TX2. After I made some modifications to device tree, I can boot Xen hypervisor now. But it fails to load domain 0 kernel. How about your progress? Maybe we can have a discussion. Thanks


I do not believe TX2 has hardware virtualization support.
The best way to use at TX2 Xen is to deliver it somehow as application over the ssh, in my opinion, from a more powerful host.