Jetson TX1 in Hypervisor Mode

Hello Everyone!

I am trying to install Xen on Jetson TX1.

I have to start Jetson in Hypervisor mode (with New u-boot and kernel)

I have two questions regarding this.

  1. How to check which mode Jetson TX1 is running (for example i checked dmesg for cpu mode …no luck)?
  2. Any linux repository i can use to install xen on TX1. Nvidia repository( doesnt support Xen.

Thank you :)

Hi kmeth,

To check the TX1 running status, you could refer to run the tegrastats, please check the Tegra Stats Utility section from the

Hope this could help.


Hi kmeth,

Did you manage to boot into Xen? If so, can you share how you did it? Thank you!