I apply the Caffe installation on the Jetson ,an error came out

Jetpack Version: 4.4-b186
CUDA 10.2
cuDNN 8.0.0

Follow post:caffe for jetson nano?, I installed caffe with USE_CUDNN := 1, an error came out.
./include/caffe/util/cudnn.hpp:15:28: note: in definition of macro ‘CUDNN_CHECK’
cudnnStatus_t status = condition;
src/caffe/layers/cudnn_conv_layer.cpp:149:59: error: ‘cudnnGetConvolutionBackwardFilterAlgorithm’ was not declared in this scope.


There are some API changes in cuDNN v8.0.
cudnnGetConvolutionBackwardFilterAlgorithm is removed and please use cudnnFindConvolutionBackwardFilterAlgorithm instead.

You can find a similar update here:


It’s greate, Thank you very much.