I can’t enable nvidia-gpu with nvidia-prime

Hello, I have a Dell precision 7560 with an NVIDIA RTX A3000 laptop GPU but I can’t get the nvidia graphql card to work via the “prime-select” command.

I have already tried to reboot the computer

I put a screeshot of what I have and with logs

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (141.9 KB)

Thank you in advance

Please disable secure boot in bios.

Do I have to? It is a security rule in my company to have the secure boot

Then you’ll need to set up module signing, either by reinstalling Ubuntu and choosing “Install third party software” during install or by using update-secureboot-policy

I have disable secure boot in bios. I also updated the bios but I had no change

Please create a new nvidia-bug-report.log.

I put back the secure boot and “by magic” it works again, my computer detects well my graphic card with the secure boot. I put back the logs in case someone would be interested.

In the end the only action I did was to update my bios
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (384.2 KB)