I cannot access the entire SDK Manager

I’m having some issues flashing Jetpack to my Jetson. I downloaded the SDK manager on my Ubuntu machine, but I cannot access every option on Step 01, because the window is cut off and I cannot scroll. I can’t change the hardware configuration either. How can I flash the Jetpack to my Jetson with this issue?

Hi msaraf219,

Suggest you can change hdmi monitor that support 1920x1080.

You also can flash image by manually:

  1. Download below two package:
  1. Follow quick start guide steps:
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Another possibility is that you might be able to right click the border of the GUI and move part of the top out of the screen edge and get access…depends on the particular GUI and doesn’t work for everybody, but is easy to test. FYI, most all Linux distributions have extra key bindings you can set for “grabbing” an application from a location other than the title bar, but you may have to set it.

I use a Fedora host, and not long ago I was using a 10" dual core atom laptop to run JetPack on Ubuntu. I had the same issue, but actually launched the GUI from my larger Fedora system with remote display to the Fedora while actual run occurred on the laptop. This worked well since the two sit next to each other over a gigabit network.

Basically I would use “ssh -Y @” to connect to the laptop, and then run JetPack on the command line…display would redirect to host PC.

I just recently got another motherboard and was able to reinstall with triple boot between Win 10, Fedora, and Ubuntu so now I just reboot. I had to wait because my previous Win 7 install was very old and the install disk came out before UEFI and the Ubuntu had bugs with using old style BIOS so booting Ubuntu would only work if I erased my Win 7 and reformatted everything with UEFI. With the new Win 10 install using UEFI I didn’t have that issue. However, for a long time this was my only way to access JetPack and I had that same problem (and incidentally a dual core atom laptop has only a VGA connector, no HDMI).

I was having the same issue on ubuntu 18.04. I used the keyboard tab key to navigate within the GUI and access the button that was cut off at the bottom the screen. Hope this helps.


I also encountered this situation, and I found we only need to change the “scale for menu and title bar” in the “display” of settings.

you can customize the resolution settings to 1920x1080 by going to the terminal. I found the link below that helped me fix the resolution so I can see everything on my screen now from the sdk manager. http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2017/04/custom-screen-resolution-ubuntu-desktop/


@chall012 It really helped me to solve the issue.

Same problem… in my case it was because one of the monitors was configured with “portrait” rotation. Once I configured all monitors to be in “landscape”, the sdkmanager GUI correctly started up with the correct dimensions.