Flashing Jetson with SDK

Hello! I have been able to flash my Jetson TX1 with the terminal (using sudo ./flash.sh command) but it appears to not install Jetpack onto the Jetson. So, I wanted to try re-flashing, this time using the SDKManager but I get this problem:

As you can tell, the board is in recovery mode, and the usb cord is properly connect (as seen in the terminal with the lsusb command). The problem however, is that the SDK doesn’t recognize that there’s a board actually plugged in. It also says (next to the TARGET OPERATING SYSTEM) that there are no available releases for host OS: Ubuntu 22.04.
Some things to note:
This is in a VM. I can switch to my actual Ubuntu Host, but this is also 22.04 (and im lazy).
I would like to use this Jetson TX1 with some computer vision applications. However, I have also been struggling with this. I attempted to use Yolov(5, 7, 8) and all failed. For some reason it also fails to recognize tensorflow as a python package. This is why I am looking to reflash. If you guys have anything on this computer vision problem as well, feel free to comment on that, but the main problem is my flashing with SDK.
Greetings and thanks in advance,
Frank van Paassen

jetpack4 only supports on ubuntu 18.04. Using 20 or 22.04 cannot even download the package.

Sorry for the long delay.
I ended up getting the flashing with the SDK to work by using a VM with ubuntu 18.04, so I will soon* mark that as a solution.
My next “problem” which is semi-relevant is that when I am flashing with the SDK, it asks me about installing the Jetpack components (if i remember correctly), however, it is “hidden” to click the install button so I end up having to just click no every time. I’ve tried scrolling, using page up/down buttons, and many other things (I know the install button is there because it every so often flashes across the screen). While this is not a high-priority question, I will be re-flashing the system again shortly, so I’d appreciate a response on this.

I am not sure what situation you hit there. Any screenshot to describe it?

Hi, I flashed again and the problem seems to have resolved itself after restarting the VM. One question though. After starting up the tx1, I did sudo apt-get install nvidia-jetpack, which installed tensorrt and cudnn and all that which is great. Problem though is, it takes up legit every piece of storage and I need these things to run for icomputer vision. This renders it impossible to open anything (chromium, disk utility, etc). What would you suggest I do (besides obviously reflashing), as this device has only 15gb of storage. If your advice is to buy a storage card, could you please provide me links to a) where I can buy one, and b) how to “set it up” ie transfer or even flash/run off of the sd card.
Edit: another question is that im curious if it’s even possible to run any yolo version on the tx1 since the person from the yolov8 repo said to ask here if it had the correct CUDA/cudnn

Actually, would you like me to open a seperate ticket for this issue or would you like to continue with this?

Yes, please file a new topic if original is okay now.

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