I can't download Jetson Nano Developer Kit SD Card image Jetpack 4.4

I have tried to download the Image from:


but it does not work. I get a window with the error: 404 - Not Found

Any solution?


I can download it, I press the “Download the SD Card Image” under JETSON NANO DEVELOPER KIT and it starts downloading.
Could you try with another browser or clean cookies/cache to see if can start downloading?

You may also find the SD card image from Jetson Download Center | NVIDIA Developer

I have the same problem, can’t download from

e.g. Jetson Nano Developer Kit SD Card Image - JP 4.4.1
Error: 404 - Not Found

Thanks for reporting this issue, I have forwarded to relevant team to fix this problem, please stay tuned.

Download problem should be fixed, please get it a try. Thanks

Now I can download the image.

Thank you very much!