I can't enroll into Nvidia free cource

Hello, I’ve recently bought an nvidia graphics card (4070ti) and although I’m going to mostly use it for gaming, I’d like to study something and i think it’s the best way to start with something small and free and then to choose a specific path
BUT when i chose a small course and press “enroll” button - nothing heppens.
Please could you help me with that ?
P.S. I’m currently working as a Q.A. - maybe you could suggest me what to chose better?

I’ve tried using private window in some different browsers. Also tried using my phone in mobile networks and different wi-fi’s - none helped


You may be trying to connect from a restricted country. NVIDIA abides by trade regulations and laws including sanctions. If you are not in a country that is affected by sanctions please DM me your location to help troubleshoot the issue.