I can't log in to omniverse

Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04
Graphics card: RTX 3060
Processor: i3 12700F
RAM: 16gb

When I want to log in with Omniverse launcher, I enter my email, then it sends me to the web to enter the password. After entering the password on the web, the launch screen remains as it is. There’s just a small rotating circle.

When this first happened (about 2-3 months ago) I was using isaac sim using ./isaac-sim.sh from the terminal, but now I have to enter the launcher to update the application or install a different application.

Methods I tried:

  1. Update and reinstall the Launcher app.

  2. Login with a different e-mail address.

  3. Connect to localhost by logging in from the terminal.

and yes, none of it worked.

Please find a solution for this problem. Thanks.

Please have a look at this: Failed to login(stuck after logging in web browser).

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Thank you. This solution works.