Omniverse Launcher unexpected error


Today I was working in Isaac sim and it asked me to authenticate account for my nucleus to function properly. After I logged in I got the following error on my omniverse launcher and now I can’t do anything.

I don’t know how should I log out and authenticate again.

Hello @user102346! I will need a bit more information so that I can understand where the error is occurring.

  • Could you attach your logs found here: C:\Users<USERNAME>.nvidia-omniverse\logs\launcher
  • What is your system environment? Operating System, GPU / GPU Driver?

Do you have access to this link: http://localhost:3080? If so, under the Apps tab, take a look at the Auth Service and grab a copy of the logs there if you can. Then try clicking the Restarting All button.

Here you go:

OS: Linux Ubuntu 20.04
GPU: GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER
GPU Driver: 470.86

Launcher logs:

launcher.log (371.0 KB)

Auth logs:

Auth.log (38.8 KB)

Thank you @user102346!

I created an ticket for this issue (Internal ticket number OM-56879: Omniverse Launcher unexpected error)

Thanks, I appreciate it!