Launcher cannot log in

Hey, I am having trouble installing Omniverse. When I run launcher, I get to log in step and after putting my credentials in the browser I get “You can continue to work in the application.” However the launcher is still stuck on log in page and does not move forward. I attach the launcher logs.

Thanks for all the help.
launcher.log (9.8 KB)

hello @michal.nazarczuk1
can you verify that this file exists

and do an “ls -l” on all the files in

Hey, it’s just ‘Nucleus Navigator’, omniverse.toml, and privacy.toml in /home/michaln/.nvidia-omniverse/config

hello @michal.nazarczuk1
what are the permissions and owners on all of those files?

can you send “ls -l” on that directory.

Also, can you run the cleanup tool (below) and then re-install omniverse

That would be: