I have this error Cannot register Global [omni.kit.menu.utils] when i tried importing blender export

i am having this error in my audio2face console when I try to open the exported usdc file from Blender…

[Warning] [omni.kit.hotkeys.core.registry] [Hotkey] Cannot register Global [omni.kit.menu.utils] omni.kit.menu.edit::parent_prims.P, error code: Duplicated key definition.

i have even tested the audio2face app with another USD still the same.

any help here.

i don’t think it pertains to the USDC file (?) going by the line of log alone without any additional context, it looks like there are conflicting/overlapping hotkey assignments somehow. were you able to work with A2F at all even with this warning?

when I click on the A2F tab,
I have this as seen in the attached.

This thread seems to duplicate this one.

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