i want DLP LightCrafter Display 2000 EVM on Jetson nano P3450

I want the configure projector with a jetson nano board through GPIO pins. I did it with Raspberry pi but how I do in jetson nano?

Hi, connector J41 on board is GPIO expansion header in 3.3V level, you can use them if meet the request of EVM.

Hi Trumany,
I had worked on Raspberry pi with projector and in a similar manner I had connected the projector with jumper wires on jetson nano and in pi we add some configuration lines in some file like /boot/config.txt after connection wiring. but my question is how we configure after connection setup in jetson nano p3450?

About GPIO configuration, please refer to this topic: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1061541/jetson-nano/use-gpio-for-pulse-measurement/post/5377305/#5377305