Cannot access j40 expansion header on jetson nano b01 board

i am trying to access j40 pin header in jetson nano b01 board.

after running : sudo /opt/nvidia/jetson-io/
expansion header tool appear for a half second and close immediately. i am not able to configure the gpio.
Thanks in adavnce.

hello parthm,

are you working with Jetson Nano developer kit, or is it a customize board?
may I also know which JetPack release it is. thanks

Hii,thanks for quick reply
i am using jetson nano developer kit and it is not customised, and i am using jetpack version
l4t archive 32.6.1.
i am able to enable spi1 by modifying dtb file.
but how can i enable through expansion header tool.

hello parthm,

is it a production module. which with internal eMMC version. if yes, Jetson-IO doesn’t support with production modules.
please use the pinmux spreadsheet to change the pinmux setting for production modules. thanks

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