Nano Configure 40-pin expansion header does not exist

Hello everyone,

I am running and it seems ‘Configure 40-pin expansion header’ option does not exist! I only see ‘Configure Jetson for compatible hardware’. I reinstalled the jetpack from the SDK but it didn’t solve the problem’. Does anyone have any idea what might be the issue? I attached the photo of what I am getting when I run the

I also encountered this problem when developing nano, have you solved it?

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I am pretty certain that you might get help much faster if we move this topic to the correct category. We do have a dedicated Jetson Nano forum, so I will refer you there.

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Hi There,
I contacted the supplier and it seems they changed the ‘tegra…dtb’ file to solve it. The best way for you is to do the same and contact them because there are good suggestions how to solve it such as this github but in my experience it does not work if you do not know all specs of the hardware.

hello ar.ahmadi62,

Nano it uses device tree for the pin configuration, Jetson-IO had capability to overwrite the settings without re-flash the target.

so… did you mean the issue has resolved?
BTW, you may access Jetson Download Center | NVIDIA Developer for the documentation.

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Hello Jerry,

Yes, the issue was resolved; I was just responding to @liugenmiaofirst. Thanks for sending the documentation. I tried this but I think it was not working because the supplier was using their custom board; I might be wrong about the exact reason though. But when they gave me their tegra…dtb file and I went through the overwriting method, it solved my problem. I still cannot configure pins by running but I asked the supplier what pins I wanted to activate and they did it as explained. It is good enough for my task.

FYI, Jetson-IO utility it only works with DevKits.

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