I2C bus problem when using Raspberry Pi Camera V2 with Jetson Xavier NX

From the Raspberry Pi Camera V2.1 schematic, the I2C bus is pulled-up to 1.8V. But in the Xavier NX’s DG v1.3, it shows the CAM_I2C bus is pulled-up to 3.3V, can I assume the CAM_I2C is in the 3.3V power domain?

  1. Because the open drain output, so the two power domains will be isolated always by resistors, so the current shouldn’t damage the chips, right?
  2. From the datasheet of NX, the minimum VIH is 0.75xVDD = 2.5V. So, the 1.8V VOH from Raspberry Pi Camera v2.1 module may not be recoganized as high, right?

Finally, is it safe to use Raspberry Pi Camera v2 with NX module or NX DevKit directly without level shifters on I2C bus?


Level shift is necessary for I2C ports with different voltage level.