Image capturing with out delay & Save raw data of the frame


I am able to capture the frames from connected camera. but i am getting delay while saving the images in .jpg format.
I am executing “nvividacapture” command to capture the frame, rerunning this command in a while loop(Causing delay in saving the image).
Is there any way to capture the frames/images without delay.

I want to know … how to save the RAW data of the frame(I don’t want to save the frame as image). i want to save the frame as RAW data continuously
from camera. i want to save each frame RAW with different name data

thanks in advance.

Below command can get the raw data.

v4l2-ctl -d /dev/video0 --stream-mmap --stream-count=1 --stream-to=test.raw


Thanks for your help, I am able to save .Raw/,bin file from Camera for required time.
But in which format the raw video data is saved to form video again from Raw data.

Is there any commands or Process to generate the video from raw data.

Thank you…


I want to save raw file in milli seconds is it possible ?

If i can save how can i control the saving of raw frames in milli seconds(command/process) & control the same with time gap.

please help.

thank you.

I think depend on your data size and I believe the MMC write could be the bottleneck.

Yes … i have to capture huge data.
So i thought of saving each frame Raw data separately.

Could you please tell me more about MMC Write … So that i will try

What I mean “MMC write” is the file write to the storage. File write definitely need much time due to IO bottleneck.