Image Quality Changes with respect to the dev kit used

Hi all,
I have an image sensor that streams 720x720 perfectly fine in AGX. When the same sensor with the same configurations connected to NX gets a horizontal line it degrades the image quality and the same sensor connected to NANO with the same configurations, a much degraded image is observed. Is this something
that is expected to happen or is there any way to fix it?

I am attaching the screenshots of the image in the respective devkit for reference.

  1. below is an image from AGX

  2. below is an image from NX

  3. below is an image from NANO

I tried the same experiments with a different sensor of 400x400 resolution
Both AGX and NX gave the same quality of images but NANO gave images with horizontal lines and heavily pixelated noise.

  1. Is this something related to the processing capabilities of the hardware ISP present in AGX, NX, and NANO?
  2. If it’s not related to processing capabilities how can it be fixed?

I would suggest go through the tuning process by contacting camera partner for IQ problem.


Hi @ShaneCCC,
Improving IQ is secondary in my case right now.
My question is does the IQ change with respect to AGX, NX, and NANO even using the same sensor configurations?
I am also using the same ISP override files in all 3 devkits.

Suppose need generate ISP setting by each platform.


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