Difference between ISPs


I’ve been porting my application and custom embedded Linux distribution from Nano to Xavier NX, and I’ve noticed kinda big differences between Nano ISP output and Xavier ISP output from the same IMX477 camera. The latter seems to be way more noisy, as shown on the illustrating images.

The two systems use the same driver, and same camera settings in the DTS.
The provided examples use the same max_exposure and agc settings…

Is this normal ?

For Xavier NX, which Jetpack release do you use? Would like to know you use 4.6.3 or 5.1.

I use JetPack 4.6.2 as a matter of fact…

Any update on the subject ?

The background looks different in the two pictures. Please make sure you take pictures in same environment.

The Raspberry Pi v2 camera and HQ camera are for reference and if you look for better image quality, we would suggest contact with our camera partners.

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