Jetpack 5.0.2 imx477 broken image

Jetson Xavier NX 16 Gb Jetpack 5.0.2 L4t 35.1.0
I configrate Jetson, Jetson-clocks is running. CPU frequency is 1.9GHz, Gpu freq is 1.1Ghz.

When I used imx ​​477 with gstreamer or nvgstcapture 1.0, there is a break in the incoming images, imx219 works fine. But there is no problem while using the jetpack 4.6 Jetson Nano. Can you help plzz?

solved by kernel upgrade GitHub - RidgeRun/NVIDIA-Jetson-IMX477-RPIV3: NVIDIA Jetson IMX477 HQ RPI V3 camera driver -b jetpack-5.0.2

Glad to know issue resolved. thanks for the update.

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