Imagenet stream to android

I installed Dustys “Hello World” Ai starter locally and have everything working fine.

In the application help for imagenet the setting output_URI has rtp://(remote-ip):1234 which I have changed to my android phone IP and various ports… 8081 usually.

Ive also installed the raspberry pi viewer and VLC and couldnt connect and also failed on all these suggestions… similar topic…

imagenet /dev/video0 output_URI rtp://(my-phone-ip-on-same-network):8081 appears to redirect the video but neither android app will pull up the video. Im not looking for any speed records… just get the video to my phone… 30fps @ 720p would be fine…

webcam on /dev/video0
both nano and phone on same network

a simple install/change this/run this would be very appreciated.

Hi @charliebray, before trying Android phone, are you able to view the RTP stream from a PC or laptop?

I recommend installing GStreamer to your PC as it is more reliable (and less laggy) with RTP than VLC player is.

I will try it from my laptop and see how that goes but the final project really needs to be an Android phone on a controller

Thank you for your reply and help, I will report my findings

Testing with PC first is to confirm that the RTP stream is working from the Jetson side and eliminate any potential issues with the network/ect.

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Okay I have an ubuntu-based laptop I installed g-streamer and successfully got it to stream from the nano. I then took the connection string and put it into Android raspberry Pi camera viewer and failed and I also created the sdp file for Android VLC and failed… progress tho… made it to the laptop… and I did change the IP address to my phone or back to the laptop when testing

I managed to make the android VLC sdp file work by changing the port to 51372 on both the nano and vlc side… crumbs from this post

working sdp… change port on nano side command…

c=IN IP4
m=video 51372 RTP/AVP 96
a=rtpmap:96 H264/90000

thanks for the breadcrumbs :)

edit youch its laggy… not as many options in the Android VLC for cache…

Okay I guess I need to update this question.

What is the recommended way to connect a nano video to an Android phone?

VLC on Android has terrible lag and you don’t get the options for cachng and whatnot that you get on the desktop version. This seems like it would be a common thing to need in this realm. I’m not married to any solution… just want a half a decent video stream showing Nano video on a Android phone.

Hi @charliebray, I’m unfamiliar with developing for Android, and since this question seems to be specific to Android as opposed to Jetson, I’m afraid I won’t be of much help here - hopefully the community may be able to lend their experiences.

Perhaps there are other video streaming applications for Android that support RTP? I see a doc here about installing GStreamer on Android:

@dusty_nv , totally understand Android not being in your wheelhouse. I scoured the Play store for RTP viewers and a 2017 raspberry Pi app and VLC are apparently the only real choices. I also stumbled across the link that you sent and it just seems like another rabbit hole.

I’m afraid the solution to this is that there’s not a good solution which is unfortunate because how else are you going to get mobile you know? My little project is a Rover with a pan tilt camera I was hoping to control through a Bluetooth controller with a mounted phone. It all works now except the terrible lag in Android VLC.

I appreciate your time and I super appreciate the AI hello world.

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