Importing Google project generated by Unity3D

From the Unity3D build settings, a Google project can be exported.

This can be imported into Android Studio, built and deployed. It runs fine, but debugging is virtually impossible.

It can also be imported into VS with TADP, it creates a valid project that builds an apk that deploys. However, it doesn’t run at all, and doesn’t get to the point of debugging (which I’m having issues with mentioned in another thread - the run-as problem).

Any tips and/or tricks/walk-throughs etc that would help?

I presume the Shield is the primary Android dev machine at nVidia? That is the device that gets the most thorough real world development usage with TADP?


I got it to build and run!

Switch to a Gradle build.

In the Gradle build section:

  • Set the Gradle Build Root Path
  • Set the JAR dependencies to unity-classes.jar
  • Set the JAR directories to wherever the above jar file is
  • Set the native library dependencies to libunity, libmono, and libmain
  • Set the native library directories to wherever the above so files are.

It doesn’t debug (complains about premature closure and making sure you aren’t running DDMS), but I suspect it’s because gdbserver isn’t linked in. However, there isn’t an so for that - it is extensionless. Adding the so extension makes no difference.

I also suspect libmain is the Unity compiled binary, and it should be using the TADP compiled version.